Yellow Quartz & Antique Bronze Tree of Life Sun-catcher

Yellow Quartz Tree of Life Sun-catcher

This Decorative, Handmade, one of a kind, Gemstone Tree has been lovingly crafted by me. Combining beautiful natural Yellow Quartz gemstone chips and nuggets with Antique Bronze coloured crafting wire I have created this striking Ornamental Tree Hanging that would equally look beautiful hanging in a window or the wall of any home.

This Decorative Tree has been shaped and crafted using the subtle opaque yellowish tones of the self-confidence generating Yellow Quartz. This crystal is believed to help focus and clear the mind therefore it would 

make the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little boost to their energies.

Yellow Quartz is a Birthstone for Gemini star sign and has the Chakra Alignment – Solar Plexus

The colour yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.

This Tree of life consists of a handmade hanging chain of individual wire links and 4 different shaped Yellow Quartz beads and is finished off with a scroll wire 

link at the roots of the tree with 3 beautiful gemstone pendant dangles.

The Tree diameter is approx. 10cm 

with a hanging chain length of approx. 18cm

Full hanging length is approx. 37cm

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